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  • The Benefits of Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization

    Alexander Kemper of Pollenware, a solution provider at the marcus evans CFO Summit XXIV Spring 2012, on collaborative cash flow optimization.

    Interview with: Alexander Kemper, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Pollenware


    Many Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) have mastered their trade, says Alexander Kemper, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Pollenware. Their next step should be to look at the entire supply chain for inter-enterprise opportunities, he adds. 

    From a solution provider company at the upcoming marcus evans CFO Summit XXIV Spring 2012, in Hollywood, Florida, May 17-19, Kemper discusses how collaborative cash flow optimization with trading partners could improve a company’s bottom line.

    What does collaborative cash flow optimization mean for you?

    For us, cash flow optimization is more than just an optimization protocol; it is collaboration with suppliers and buyers. Optimizing early cash flow delivery for suppliers would give them the working capital they need around their businesses, and for buyers, it would create significant amounts of income.

    How would this improve a company’s bottom line?

    CFOs need to look at opportunity and risk holistically. A win for their supplier would not be a loss for them. Effective collaboration across their trading parties would better their supply chain as well as their bottom line.

    Intra-enterprise, many CFOs have mastered their trade. The next step should be to look outside the walls of the enterprise, at inter-enterprise opportunities across the supply chain and trading relationships. This could generate additional income and gross margin, and therefore increase the net profit margin for the company.

    Did this need come about during the economic crisis?

    Cash flow for suppliers and optimization of short term income for buyers has always been important; CFOs have had to look at both. In the current economic situation, capital markets are constrained for suppliers while buyers are receiving very little interest income on their short-term cash investments.

    Would collaborative cash flow optimization only benefit those facing working capital difficulties?

    That would not be the only reason to participate in early cash flow delivery or supply chain financing. Companies can use lower cost sources of capital to take advantage of discounts from the suppliers of their suppliers. They might want certainty of payment to reduce the cost of debt on their current borrowings.

    This is not an issue of weakness; it is about optimizing cash flow for collaborative success for all parties. 

    How would this mitigate risk?

    Risk mitigation is about not missing out on intra- and inter- enterprise opportunities. Failing to give an opportunity to a supplier could put it at risk. Making a supplier stronger would not disadvantage the CFO’s company. This would be mitigating risk by helping a trading partner that could then help the company in return.

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    About Pollenware

    Pollenware is the leading provider of cloud-based payment optimization technology and early cash flow delivery for corporations across the globe. The Pollenware C2FO (Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization) product suite creates financial success for more than 550 customers by eliminating inefficiencies in the current financial system.

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